So, you’ve got the job…now what? 7 Tips for Impressing Your Boss

So, you’ve got the job…now what? Starting a new job is exciting, but it also comes with its share of worries. On your first day you want to make a good first impression on not only your employer but your colleagues, and over the next couple months you want to prove that they chose the right person for the job (talk about pressure, right?!).

Here are a couple tips to help you succeed in your new job! 

Introduce yourself

Studies show that anxiety in new situations can come in part from not feeling confident in how to introduce ourselves. It’s natural when you’re new to not want to not draw attention to yourself, but in the first few days of a job you want your enthusiasm to shine through. So, find the timing that feels right for you and give a quick, energetic introduction to the people you don’t know yet. 

Ask well-timed questions

As a new employee it is expected that you will have questions. By asking your leaders and peers for new information, you will get up to speed quickly. When asking questions make sure you are prioritizing the information you need. For example, if you can’t get your computer to work that is a question you should ask immediately. If you are not clear on the future goals of the team, that can be a conversation for a later date. Keeping notes is a great way to stay on top of the things you need to remember.

Add value 

Prioritize soaking up as much information as you can, but also consider challenging yourself to add value in ways big or small. Ask your manager what their biggest pain points are and spend some time considering how you may be able to lessen some of their burdens. Don’t try to force it or step on anyone’s toes, but offering to take on a challenge is a good way to stand out.

Be a team player

Get to know your teammates and learn what they value so you can share their mindset. Try to put your team’s priorities first when you can. Depending on your role this might mean staying late to help a colleague or offering to switch shifts to help a coworker in need. Being a good collaborator is a sought after skill to add to a resume, and your teammates will respect you for it.

Have a positive attitude

A positive attitude is contagious! Being a supportive person who brightens the days of others is always well received. Plus, it can help you get ahead; recruiters find that a positive attitude is a trait of high achievers. 

Accept feedback gracefully 

One of the hardest things for many people to learn how to handle is constructive criticism. Those who know well-intentioned critiques improve their job performance will thrive in their environment. 

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