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HR is all about people and your people are the driving force behind your organization. Now is the time to put people first.

Through our creative and customized human resource solutions from recruitment to succession planning, we can help. Our services are thoughtfully designed and customized to meet the needs of your team and your organization. 

Whether you are a small business that does not have the resources to handle your own HR operations, or are a large employer looking for additional support for your HR team, connect with us today. We offer monthly partnerships for consistent and continuous support, as well as short-term contracts and consulting advice. 

Our Services

Helping you recruit, retain, empower, optimize, and prioritize. 


Attract qualified and suitable candidates with the help of job description development, job posting and marketing, and proactive outreach. We also help with candidate screening and selection, reference and background checks, offer management, and placement check-in.


Help integrate new employees to your organization wth onboarding preparation, roadmaps, and support. Onboarding programs can be customized by role. 

Training Services / Programs

Improve your operations and HR efficiencies with customized training programs, customized tools/guides, customized training workshops, and assistance with policy development. 

Performance Management

Customized performance management programs base on organization size, including reviews, performance improvement plans, and disciplinary process support.

Performance Reviews

Annual reviews, employer led feedback, employee led feedback, 360-degree reviews and more.

Professional Development Programs

Develop and enhance the skills, knowledge, and abilities of your employees with customized workshops, and customized programming to support external PD requests.

Employee engagement

Customized employee engagement initiatives to improve company culture based on organization and size.

Employee Wellness Programs

Customized wellness programs based on organization size and budget.

Succession Planning

Customized programs to support your organization through employee turnover, retirement, and more. Development or process guides to capture day to day processes in the operation.

Compensation Reviews

Customized compensation reviews with comparable organizations locally and regionally to gain understanding of wage competitiveness of your organization.

Exit Interviews / HR Data Collection / Internal HR Audits

Internal audits and review of HR based feedback and SWOT analysis of trends in building out additional programming and addressing internal feedback to increase overall engagement and retention.

Additional Customized Services

We are here to support your needs and offer additional services that may not be listed above.

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Anchored Recruiting & HR Solutions Ltd. creates customized HR solutions to help local businesses and organizations throughout every stage of the employee lifecycle – from recruitment to succession planning.