Anchored Recruiting & HR Solutions takes the headache out of hiring by connecting quality employees with great employers throughout Cape Breton Island.


We’re so excited by the momentum on Cape Breton Island and are genuinely passionate about helping local businesses grow and succeed. Right now is a time of opportunity for many professionals looking for a career change, but we’ve seen how challenging it’s been for businesses to recruit the right talent. Anchored Recruiting & HR Solutions exists to solve this problem.


We thoughtfully designed two service options with you in mind: Human Resource Solutions and Recruitment Services. No matter the service you choose, our end goal is always to connect our clients with quality employees.

Human Resource Solutions

Whether you’re a small business that does not yet have the resources to handle your own HR operations or a large employer looking for additional support for your HR team, we can help. We offer ongoing monthly partnerships for consistent and continuous support, as well as short-term contracts. We’re always just a phone call away!

Employee Engagement

Onboarding & Retention Programs

Succession Planning

Compensation & Performance Reviews

Operational Excellence

Policy Development

Process Evaluation & Development

Training Programs

Customized Workshops & Education Sessions

Human Resource Solutions

It’s hard to attract the right talent. With record high job vacancy rates across the country, hiring takes time and strategy. We handle all aspects of the recruitment process, including job descriptions, marketing, pro-active outreach, candidate selection, pre-screening, and reference checks.

Our Approach:

Understand Your Needs

Advertise Your Job Posting

Pro-Active Outreach to Qualified Candidates

Candidate Pre-Screening

Candidate Interviews & Selection

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