Recruitment Strategies

Finding the time to conduct an efficient and effective recruitment process takes time. We are here to help streamline the recruitment process and help you find the right candidate for your team!

It can be challenging to attract the right talent. With record high job vacancy rates across the country, hiring takes time and energy. We handle all aspects of the recruitment process, including job descriptions, marketing, pro-active outreach, candidate selection, pre-screening, and reference checks.

Our Recruitment Process

Our team takes the lead on the recruitment process, while working with your team every step of the way. 

Understand Your needs

We take the time to discuss your needs, what skill sets are needed and what the marketing looks like for similar opportunities. The more you share with us, the better prepared we are to go to market on your behalf. 

Advertise Your Job Posting

Your vacancy is shared on a number of job portals specific to our regional and specific to your industry where possible. We also share with our large network of clients and business partners. 

Pro-Active Outreach to Qualified Candidates

Our team will conduct active outreach to candidates who have the education, skills, and experience as it relates to your job vacancy.

Candidate Pre-Screening

Our team will conduct a couple of screening phases before these candidates are presented to your to ensure both an efficient and effective process.

Candidate Interviews & Selection

We take the lead on conducting the interviews and taking the notes to ensure your team is able to remain engaged and can focus on the discussions and interviews with the candidates. Once you are ready to move to the next steps, our team will conduct the reference checks on your behalf. 

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